Why Have a Dash Cam

Why Have a Dash Cam
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While the world seems to have gone tech-crazy these days and there is no denying that we are all visual beasts, it makes sense that Dash Cams have seen a surge in popularity. The trend really started to take hold in Russia to try and curb the tremendous amount of traffic accidents that were occurring all too frequently.

These days, Dash Cam video footage is actually preferable over spoken testimony in court, which just goes to show you how reliable a Dash Cam can be. But why have a Dash Cam yourself, perhaps you’re thinking? I’m a safe driver so surely I don’t need one. Well, you may well be, but what about everyone else out there on the road today? How safe are you really?

Let’s face it, there are countless acts of driving stupidity happening daily around you, so it makes sense to be protected. Your car, after your home, is probably your next most significant purchase cost wise. Also, there is no price you can put on the safety and security of your family now is there? How often have you wished that you could have captured someone making an illegal maneuver in a busy street? Or wished you’d had a video running to record something unbelievable happening right in front of you that you know would have gotten a gazillion hits on YouTube and gone viral?

There are so many valid reasons to invest in a Dash Cam, and with cameras developed these days to fit everyone’s budget, what excuse do you currently have for not having invested in one? Whether you are into the latest gadgets and gizmos, are just looking to have extra peace of mind, or live and work in a city where recording your environment could well pay dividends, there are so many reasons we can think of as to why you need to have a Dash Cam installed in your vehicle.

We’ve compiled a little list for you of what we think are the most essential reasons, just in case you are still sitting on the fence about making the investment. In no particular order of importance, just consider the following and ask yourself why you’ve not yet taken the plunge. You really don’t have anything to lose, but you certainly have plenty to gain.

1. Driving Accidents

We wouldn’t wish involvement in an accident, major or minor, on anyone as it is indeed one of the most traumatic experiences imaginable. Even assuming that it’s just a small bump and luckily no one is severely injured, you are still likely to need to follow up with your insurance company. None of this “he said,” “she said” business and trying to share blame. With a Dash Cam installed, it’s clear-cut. The facts are recorded, and that is undeniable, substantive evidence that you will be able to use. For that reason alone, a Dash Cam should surely be an essential vehicle protection accessory.

2. Parking Accidents

Haven’t we all been there? Even if you are the most proficient driver in the world, parking could be your nemesis or that of a fellow driver attempting to get into a too-tight parking place next to your precious vehicle. You only parked for 15 minutes to do your grocery shopping, and you return to face the horror that someone has hit your card or that it’s been scraped or even vandalized. You have to leave your vehicle unattended (unless you can pay for it to have its own bodyguard) so you really have no idea what might happen to it while you are away. With a Dash Cam installed there’s no need to worry.

You can set your camera to record even when you aren’t in the vehicle yourself, especially if the make and model you own has the option to run on batteries. It may well be a very unpleasant surprise when you come back and find that your precious car has been hit, but at least when you get home later and review your video footage, the real story will unfold.

3. Insurance Fraud

We do indeed live in an extraordinary world where people carry out all kinds of random and bizarre acts in order to try and make a fast buck out of some unsuspecting victim. The horror stories you hear are true, but do you really want them to happen to you? Insurance scams are common, and we’ve even heard of people deliberately running out in front of moving cars just so that they can dramatically bounce off a windshield and make a claim.

It’s difficult to argue your side in court if you don’t have any witnesses, so this is where Dash Cam footage is a complete lifesaver and can really prevent you from falling victim to someone pulling a fast one on you.

4. Validating your Driving Prowess

Stay with us here! It’s more of a fun use of a Dash Cam, but how many times have you wished that you had been able to record that fantastic bit of skill you just demonstrated? Don’t forget that you can also use your Dash Cam to generally record events. If you are at all interested in participating in track events or off duty racing, then you are going to want to prove your skills later to all your friends and family.

5. Keeping the memory of a fantastic road trip alive

Road trips can make great vacations. Heading out onto the open road with your family and really getting to see the country can be wonderful. There will be so many unbelievable sites driving from point A to point B that you might just blink and miss. You never know what you might come across on a road adventure that you never bargained on seeing. So get that Dash Cam recording your journey so that you can all look back later and marvel at the amazing adventure you took together.

6. Simply capturing the unexpected

Once you own a Dash Cam, we’re pretty confident you’ll wonder how you ever managed previously without one. Besides the apparent safety and legal protection it provides, just think about all those unusual events you can potentially capture.

Hopefully, we have now successfully converted you and made you fully appreciate why to have a Dash Cam.

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