Where Can I Buy a Dash Camera: Online and Offline Sellers

Where Can I Buy a Dash Camera: Online and Offline Sellers
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When it comes to driving your car, safety and efficiency are two of the things that people look for. No one really wants to worry about being harmed while they drive their car, so many people look into purchasing a dash camera that can help enhance the safety of not only you but your friends and family.

Before we look at answering your burning “Where can I buy a dash camera?” question, you need to understand dash cams first. There is an overwhelming selection, and it’s essential that have a basic understanding of the features that come with them, how much they cost, and how they work.

What Is a Dash Camera?

Dash Cameras are small pieces of recording equipment that you mount or stick to the inside of your front window for recording. When installed correctly, these devices record what’s happening in front of you using a variety of features. The videos get stored on a Micro SD that you can view on your computer, and sometimes the camera’s app, at a later time.

Features such as loop recording typically come with all dash cameras, so you know that it’s recording consistently when you’re driving. Loop recording also overwrites old and unnecessary video files when space is needed. It’s important that you lock files into place if you need them and don’t have a G-Sensor feature that automatically does it for you.

There is a massive range of dash cameras available on the market, and you are going to get overwhelmed with the options if it’s your first time buying one. Understanding the basics is going to help ease you through the process, and at least give you a better idea of what you’re spending your money on, and how to get the most out of it.

The cheaper cameras usually come with the least number of features and typically just record and have a loop recording feature. However, once you start reaching medium and top-tier dash cameras, the features and overall quality of the dash cam begin to go up.

Where Can I Buy a Dash Camera?

As mentioned, because there are so many dash cameras available on the market, the list of places that you can buy them is almost as overwhelming as the sheer number of cameras that you are going to find. Let’s break down a few places that you can expect to see a dash cam:

1. Amazon

This e-commerce selling platform is the largest in the world, and you can find everything that you can think of on Amazon. If you are looking to see a combined variety of cheap, lower-end, moderate, and top-tier dash cameras in one place, Amazon is the place to go.

You might need to sift through a few “duds” to find the one that you’re looking for, but most manufacturers include a full product description, and you can always read the consumer reviews. The reviews itself make purchasing on Amazon a fantastic option.

2. eBay

Like Amazon, eBay is an incredibly popular e-commerce platform for selling a wide variety of goods. Some of the products found on eBay are second hand, and some are new. There are usually two types of sales on eBay, and that’s through a bid only, where you offer a certain amount and keep going up until the bid ends, or a “buy now or add to cart” function.

A lot of user’s sell second-hand or gently used items on eBay. However, there are just as many who sell brand-new products at discounted (and sometimes even higher) prices. You can expect to find all types of dash cams on eBay, just as you can on Amazon, and there are reviews that you can look at before purchasing.

3. Big-Box Retailers

If online shopping has never been your thing, that’s okay. Asking “Where can I buy a dash camera?” is still a relevant question that we can answer. The majority of major big-box retailers in America carry dash cameras because of how popular and convenient the small electronics have become.

Stores such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, Costco, and the occasional CVS all sell dash cameras. You aren’t likely to find dash cams as inexpensive as the ones you see on Amazon though since big-box retailers need to earn money from the purchase. The models of dash cameras found in these stores usually range from moderate to top-tier dash cams that start at approximately $50 to $75.

The great thing about purchasing a dash camera at a big-box retailer is that they all have websites, so you don’t necessarily need to go into the store to buy it. There might be a rare occasion when the dash cam is out of stock online or not sold online, and in cases like that, you just need to visit the store.

4. Brand and Supplier Websites

BlackVue, Thinkware, Street Guard, LG, Sony, and VicoVation are only some familiar dash camera brands that you are going to see when searching. Many of these brands sell their products through their own websites, or through direct dash camera suppliers such as BlackBoxMyCar.

When purchasing on a supplier’s website, you generally get a broader range of dash cameras to choose from because they sell the product on behalf of multiple brands. When visiting a brand website, you are going to find models only associated with the specific brand with their name stamped on the camera itself.

5. Car Dealerships

You might not have as many options to choose from when purchasing your dash camera from a car dealership, but many of them have started including dash cameras as an add-on when you buy a car. When you sit down with the car salesman, they typically go over precisely what you’re looking for, and the types of add-ons and features that are available for your new vehicle. It’s at this stage that they offer a dash cam and advise you of what they have to offer, and if they don’t, you can always ask if they provide them.


We’ve provided you with the basic understanding of what a dash camera is, and gave you a good amount of information on the places that sell them, and what to expect when you go to buy one. So, is your “Where can I buy a dash camera?” question answered? We sure hope so.

One major thing to keep in mind, regardless of where you purchase your dash camera from, is always to make sure that your camera comes with either a warranty or a return period window that gives you enough time to test out the camera. Having a dash camera in your car that doesn’t work or provides bad quality video makes it just about useless. Ask questions while purchasing, cover your basis, and you are going to be good to drive home with your new dash camera.

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