What Is a Dash Cam Used For?

What Is a Dash Cam Used For
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Dashboard cameras, or dash cams, are video recording devices used to continuously record the view through the windshield. They are becoming increasingly popular all around the world.

For example, they have become very popular in Russia in the past few years, as they can help prevent insurance fraud by producing evidence of car accidents.

However, while most people use dash cams for the purpose of recording evidence, this is not the only reason why these devices are used. Here are the major purposes of dash cams.

Dashboard cameras

Driving Accidents

Driving accidents, especially smaller ones where no one is seriously hurt, are often followed by heated discussions between the parties involved. Everyone has their own interpretation of the event and everyone thinks the other party is in the wrong. In a matter of seconds, the account of the accident can become a case of “he said, she said” with no one willing to take the blame.

When the police arrive on the scene, this can be a problem if you can’t back up your claims. This is where dash cams come in handy. They capture all accidents faithfully and the footage serves as valuable evidence. If you want to use a dash cam for this purpose, you should go for one with a loop recording option to make sure you always have enough memory.

Parking Accidents

You may think your car is safer once you’re parked but that is not always the case. Many scrapes and bumps happen in parking garages when your car is left unattended. This can be a problem if the parking lot doesn’t have a surveillance camera. You can end up with serious car damages that you’ll have to repair out of your own pocket.

Fortunately, most dash cams are battery operated, so you can leave them on even when you get out of the car. This will allow you to record everything that happens around your car when you’re away, from sideswiping to vandalism.

Insurance Fraud

Another safety reason for using a dash cam is to prevent insurance fraud. Hitting a pedestrian can be a traumatizing experience, even more so if it wasn’t your fault and you become the victim of a fraudulent insurance claim. It’s such a lucrative angle for fraudsters that some are known to ply their trade by jumping in front of your car to get the insurance windfall. This is especially true in countries like Russia that have a near epidemic of these cases.

Having a dash cam in these situations can not only save you money, but also avoid license suspensions and costly court cases.

Dash cams can help

Companies and Worried Parents

If you own a taxi company, you might like to keep track of your drivers’ miles and make sure they are respecting the laws of the road and aren’t using the car for personal purposes. Or you might run a company and want to limit the fuel consumption of company vehicles.

Dash cams can help in these cases by not only recording the driving but also providing valuable data. Most modern dash cams are fitted with GPS devices that can record different street routes and even driving speed. This may also be useful for parents with kids who have just got their license, as it allows them to see how well the kids are driving without always having to be present in the car.

Recording Road Trips

Going on a road trip with friends can be a fun experience that you may want to immortalize in a video. Especially if you’re going on a long-distance trip, it may be incredibly fun to see the changes of scenery along the way. If you’re an artistic soul, you’ll find it easy to turn your family road trip into a masterpiece.

All you need is a high-quality dash camera and a touch of creativity, and you’re ready to create some incredible memories.

Capturing the Unexpected

Not only will a dash cam provide you with legal protection, but keeping it on 24/7 can result in some unbelievable footage when you least expect it. You’re probably familiar with the Chelyabinsk meteor that hit Russia in 2013. Most videos of this event that you can find online were taken by dash cams that were rolling for safety purposes.

Experiencing moments like this is an once-in-a-lifetime experience, so you may want to make sure you have them recorded.


There are many reasons to own a dash cam. While the most important ones are definitely safety and legal protection, there are some alternative uses of this device that make it even more fun and necessary. What happens to and around your car can often be pretty exciting, so you may want to have it on tape.

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