What Dash Camera Do Police Use?

What Dash Camera Do Police Use
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Police officers witness a large number of incidents on a daily basis. They need objective evidence to protect themselves and get a clear perspective on the causes of such incidents. One of the best ways of obtaining this evidence is with the help of dash cams.

Dash cams are quite useful, as they can record everything that’s happening both inside and outside of the vehicle. 

Most of them turn on automatically with the engine and continuously record high-quality videos. Police departments put a special emphasis on the quality of dash cams. They need professional models that won’t be easily affected by external conditions such as bad weather, reduced light or changes in temperature.

Take a look at some of the popular dash cam models that police use and their main qualities.

Dash Cam – Necessary Features

Police Dash Cam – Necessary Features

Most people use dash cams only when they drive their car. However, police cameras often need to record nonstop. That’s why they have to be very durable.

Police dash cams also need to have a massive storing capacity, as the cameras sometimes may be turned on 24/7. This is usually the case in big cities with a lot of incidents. In smaller communities, police officers may not be active in the field all the time, so they don’t have to keep the cameras running nonstop.

Some models may even have different sensors that can detect unusual movements and therefore warn the police officers on time. GPS navigation can also be useful, especially in big places.

Lastly, the quality of the video has to be very good. This applies both to the front- and the rear-facing camera. Therefore, some of the most commercially popular models may not be a good choice for the police, as they do not have HD resolution.

How Dash Cameras Help Police

Police officers often don’t have the time to focus on recording certain situations. They usually have more important things to deal with, which is why dash cams come in handy.

Professional cameras can capture events with a wide-angle lens. The footage obtained from these cameras can serve as evidence in case of an accident or crime. It can help clarify misunderstandings or protect innocent citizens from crime.

Although the main purpose of police dash cams is to ensure a higher level of protection, they may also be used as a training tool. Senior police supervisors may often review dash cam recordings to evaluate the performance of new officers. Based on the recordings, they can provide these new law enforcement officers with valuable feedback, and even require them to undergo additional training.

In some cases, police dash cams may not get a good recording due to a variety of factors. In such instances, the officers may ask for the footage of other witnesses’ dash cams, or home or commercial surveillance cameras. People sometimes voluntarily offer their recordings to support an investigation.

Dash Cam Models

Best Police Dash Cam Models

The majority of dash cams are designed to meet the needs of everyday citizens. This, however, isn’t enough for the police.

One of the reliable brands that police officers use is ProVision. Its advanced products have wide-angle coverage which is necessary for getting an objective insight. Some are also equipped with night vision.

ProVision dash cams are usually quite compact and don’t take up too much space. They can also record high-resolution videos. Furthermore, they contain enough space for storing a long duration of videos.

Some of the other popular brands include Motorola, Panasonic, Brandon-CopSync and Safety Vision.

It is hard to say which model is the best for police, since this varies on multiple factors.

First, not all police departments have the same budget. High-end dash cams can be expensive to buy, especially in large quantities. Smaller departments may struggle with this.

Second, there are different ways of using dash cams. Some police officers have them turned on all the time, which requires a lot of storage space and a durable battery. Others may synchronize it with the siren. This way, the camera starts recording every time a police officer turns on the siren.

Finally, the choice of dash cams comes down to each individual police department. There are departments that are loyal to certain brands and may even benefit from using them. Others may decide to experiment until they find their ideal solution.

The most important thing is that the dash cam serves its purpose and equips police officers with clear, high-resolution footage.


Collecting evidence is much easier nowadays with the help of high-tech products. Police officers can rely on their own video recordings as evidence. Dash cams are particularly useful, as they can record things automatically.

Dash cam models that police use can vary according to a number of different factors. Regardless of the brand, police cameras need to meet higher requirements than most consumer dash cams.

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