Vava VA-CD001 Dash Cam Review

Vava VA-CD001 Dash Cam Review
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Having a solid dash cam installed in your vehicle is an extra safety feature that can help protect you from undesirable and potentially dangerous situations. While you might be an experienced and careful driver, that can’t be said for everyone that you share the road with.

Dash cams were designed with your safety in mind, so ensuring that you have a model that’s going to provide you with what you need is of the utmost importance. Thus, we reviewed the Vava VA-CD001 Dash Cam to give you the information you need if you’re looking at investing in the camera.

Vava VA-CD001 Dash Cam

VAVA Dash Cam Sony IMX291 Sensor Smartphone App Control, Instant Social Media Sharing, GPS, 360° View, Clear FHD Videos in Low Light or at Night, G-Sensor with Snapshot Button

The Vava brand name has become increasingly popular in just three short years. In 2015, the company launched their innovative, modern audio devices that caused them to win the Red Dot Design Award in 2016. After winning the award, the company has teamed up with leading engineers who are experienced with building electronic products that are modern and include highly innovative technologies.

While they continue to specialize in the construction and manufacturing of high-quality audio equipment and accessories, they’ve also moved into the line of dash cams. Vava has launched multiple dash cams over the past two years, all of which have gone through thorough testing to ensure high-quality. They use their electronics to help better the lives of their consumers by introducing them to modern technology that’s easy to use.

Who Is This Product For?

Anyone who drives a vehicle can benefit from having a dash cam installed in their car. The cams can protect you, your family, and your friends while driving. Whether you have been driving for years, are part of a rideshare program, drive a taxi, or are a new driver, the benefits are seemingly endless.

They are also great for companies that wish to see how their drivers perform on the road and for parents of new drivers who want to watch the video footage to ensure their children are driving safely.

What’s Included?

Vava made sure that you get just about everything you need to start using your dash cam as soon as you receive it. They understand that purchasing a product that has missing elements that are required to use the device is a disappointment that reflects poorly on the company.

While it doesn’t come with a Micro SD card, it does support them, though they aren’t necessary because the DVR features an app that stores the videos for you. That being said, these are what you receive when you purchase the Vava VA-CD0001 Dash Cam:

  • One Vava Dash Cam
  • One car mount
  • One snapshot button
  • One Micro USB cable with GPS module
  • One Vava car charger
  • One crowbar
  • One button cell
  • Five cable clips
  • One quick installation guide
  • One user manual
  • One Thank You card from Vava

Overview of Features

The Vava VA-CD001 Dash Cam is a highly innovative dash cam that records at full HD 1080P with a 155-degree angle, ultra-wide, six glass, infrared lens that provides clear footage during the day and night. The field view covers up to five lanes, while the advanced night vision technology works with the Sony Starvis Sensor that helps with ensuring you can still pick up license plates and street signs during the night.

In addition to the standard loop recording feature that saves space on your Micro SD card by recording over unnecessary footage, it also features a three-axis G-Sensor system. The Gravity Sensor can detect and record any sudden movement or collisions whether you are driving or parked, ensuring that you are covered and protected regardless if you are in the car.

You can also edit the recorded videos from anywhere using the convenient app that allows you to add filters, share, and configure your videos; you can even post them to your social media feeds. The camera also comes with a remote snapshot button that you stick to your steering wheel. You can swiftly capture a screenshot at a second’s notice, or hold down the button to record a longer video.

It’s also GPS-enabled and works in extreme weather conditions thanks to the temperature guard. The Vava Dash Cam can support Micro SD cards up to 128GB and has an 18-month warranty that can be extended for an additional year by registering your product online.

How to Install Your Vava VA-CD001 Dash Cam?

Installing the Vava VA-CD001 Dash Cam is extremely simple. The user’s manual provides you with detailed instructions to ensure the installation goes correctly, and Vava provides you with almost everything that you need to install the camera, including a folding bar and wire stickers.

Courtesy of Vava, we were able to find an in-depth tutorial that not only showcases how to install your new dash cam, but it also gives a clear example of how to use the app that’s associated with the camera. You truly don’t have to worry about searching through the app to find everything that you need because this video shows it all.


We were really so impressed with how well the Vava VA-CD001 Dash Cam performed, so we wanted to choose one of their upgraded models for the alternative. We looked at the Vava VA-VD005 Dash Cam. It is slightly more expensive than their original model; however, it does have additional benefits that work with upgraded resolution and sensor quality.

The display has a smartphone app control, similar to the VA-CD001, and the sensor is the OV4689 CMOS Sensor which is an upgrade from the standard Sony IMX291 Starvis Sensor. While the snapshot button is sold separately with the VA-VD005, the highest resolution is 2560x1440P at 30fps. When comparing it against the VA-CD001, the resolution is 1920x1080P at 60fps.


Overall, we were exceptionally impressed with the performance of the Vava VA-CD001 dash cam. The recordings are crisp, clear, bright, and the colors are accurate.

The video footage obtained during the night didn’t have any glare and picking up on license plates and street signs was a breeze. The set-up and installation are effortless, and the customer support team is accommodating.

While it is slightly more expensive than many other dash cams that you can find on the market, we found that it was well worth the price. As a side note, the snapshot button that sticks to your steering wheel is one of the most convenient features that we’ve found in any dash cam. It works great, doesn’t stick when held down, and you get to control it when you want an extra picture or video.

If you have been searching for a dash camera that is fully-featured, we strongly recommend the Vava VA-CD001 or the Vava VA-VD005 Dash Cam. You get what you pay for with both.


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