How to Set Time and Date On Dash Cams: A Helpful Guide

How to Set Time and Date On Dash Cams: A Helpful Guide
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Most, if not all, dash cameras come with a date and time setting that is displayed on all the video recordings. The purpose of such is for added safety and security. If you ever experience an unfortunate situation or a collision, you have the date and time on the video to show when the incident did happen exactly.

Setting up the feature isn’t the same with every dash cam model, so we are going to look at how to set time and date on a dash cam as well as some common reasons why the time and date stop working.

Reasons Why Date and Time Settings Stops Working

There are a really plenty of reasons why the date and time settings on your dash camera stop working, even after you’ve set them before using it for the first time. Out of all the dash cameras on the market, two primary reasons cause it to stop working. Before we look into how to set time and date on dash cam, we’re going to guide you through the reasons that influence a potential malfunction.

1. Internal Battery Has No Power

The internal battery of your dash cam is highly essential when it comes to not only the date and time settings but all other parameters that you have programmed for your camera. If the internal battery has no power, it causes your camera to shut down.

In most cases, unless using a top-tier dash camera, your device is likely to return to the factory setting time, or it displays the time when it shut down. Both of those failures cause you to re-program the settings.

If you are looking to save power on your dash camera’s internal battery, it’s recommended that you use your vehicle’s cigarette lighter as a power source, instead of the internal battery itself. When using this method, it’s important also to ensure that your date and time settings aren’t going to revert to the factory settings when the engine is shut off.

2. Date and Time Won’t Update

When it comes to the time and date not updating on your dash camera, this usually only requires a simple fix. In the majority of cases, it’s because the software included with your dash camera isn’t updated.

You can simply update the software by connecting your dash camera to your computer with the help of a USB cable. This should correct the issue without having to program your settings all over again.

Setting the Time and Date

Now that you already have a clear understanding of the two primary reasons that cause your dash cam’s date and time to malfunction, we can look into how to set time and date on dash cams. Adjusting and programming these settings are going to vary depending on the model of dash cam that you have, but we are going to go through a few of the most common methods.

1. User’s Manual

The first and easiest way to learning how to set all settings on your dash camera is with the user’s manual. It’s highly recommended that you thoroughly read through the manual before you attempt at changing any settings on the camera.

It might state that you need to update the software before you can make any adjustments, or you might need to charge the internal battery first. Whatever the specific instructions are for your model of dash cam, the manual that’s provided with the purchase should outline every step that you need to take to get the proper settings put into place.

2. Built-In GPS Feature

If your dash cam has a built-in GPS, there’s a good chance that your date and time settings get adjusted through the GPS. In most cases, it’s straightforward to program the date and time because all you need to do is update the GPS, and you’re typically good to go.

3. WiFi Connectivity

In some of the higher-end dash camera models, you might not need to make any adjustments at all. When connecting to the built-in WiFi, you are usually going to get a strong enough signal for the dash camera to pick up on your location’s date and time. It can work similarly to a smartphone.

4. Dash Camera App

If your dash camera comes with an exclusive app that’s designed for your specific model of dash cam, it makes it easier to adjust the settings. Most of the apps have a general settings area that allows you to make any adjustments required, and the app sends the signal to update the camera through WiFi connectivity.

5. Dash Camera Internal Menu

The most common way that you are going to adjust all date and time settings, as well as other features that you want to modify, is through the built-in menu on your dash camera. Depending on the model that you have, your menu option location is going to vary.

You can typically find the menu key on either the right or left-hand side of your dash cam, and once you press it, a menu with a variety of options displays on the LCD. Once you are in the menu, you can typically use the arrow keys to the side of the menu button, the buttons above and below the menu button, or the toggle button to make your way through the menu options until you land on the date and time setting.

Once you’re there, you can usually press the “okay” button to bring you into the date and time menu. Then, all you need to do is toggle through the year, month, day, hour, and minute to adjust it according to your location, and then press “save” to continue.


As previously mentioned, learning how to set time and date on dash cams depends on the unit that you have. Every model is different, and the information that we provided is just a general overview of how the majority of dash cam models work; they aren’t exact instructions.

If you are looking for more detailed and accurate instructions, consult your user’s manual which is going to have the precise information for your model. On the off chance that you require more assistance with setting up the date and time, you can contact the manufacturer, look on YouTube for a tutorial that focuses on your model, or even consult with the store that you purchased your dash cam from.

In the end, it doesn’t take long to adjust the settings; it just takes figuring out the method used for your model. It’s important to make sure that the time and date settings are accurate in case of a situation or collision. If you need it as insurance or court evidence, the time and date are going to be vital information.

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