How to Hide Dash Cam Wires

How to Hide Dash Cam Wires
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As awesome as it is to have a dash cam in your vehicle, if you install one yourself, you will likely end up with a lot of visible wires. However, this doesn’t have to happen. Yes, there are a lot of hardware and wires that will need to be hidden so they don’t stick out like a sore thumb. Luckily, there are ways that you can hide those dash cam wires, and it will look like you have had the camera installed by a professional. Today we are going to take a look at things you can do to tidy up those wires after you have installed your dash cam. Let’s get started.

Take Advantage of the Headliner

One of the first things you can do is take full advantage of the headliner. In fact, this is likely going to be the easiest way to hide any ugly wires. All you have to do is run the wire all the way along the headliner, then down the weather sealing of the A-pillar, and finally, beneath the dashboard. Some people think that cords should not be placed under the weather sealing, but it really isn’t going to damage anything. When it is hidden like this, it isn’t going to end up being a distraction that can end up causing an accident. You are installing a dash cam for safety, so make sure that the wires are hidden.

Use the Pillars

Another option is to use the A-pillar, and there are two ways that you can so this, either by using the passenger side or the driver side. Most cables are going to be long enough for either side. By attaching the wire to the pillars, it is not going to be hidden, but it is going to be out of the way and not a distraction. Do not run the wire right down the center of the windshield. Talk about a distraction! You do not want to have anything blocking your view while you are driving. Go along the top, and then down the passenger or driver side door. Make sure that you use something to hold it in place, so you don’t slam the door and end up breaking the wire.

Once the dash cam is mounted on the windshield, the cord should be run directly to the power source. Again, you can use the headliner to hide the wire if you want to keep it hidden completely. When you get to the A-pillar, the power cord should be placed under the weather sealing. This is better than taping it into place.

Tie Up Loose Ends

If you have used tape of some sort to hold the wires in place, but it comes off every time you shut the car door, you need to find another solution. Something else you can try involves running the cord under the dashboard until you get to the central console. Use gum tape to secure the wires beneath the dashboard at this point. From here, you can plug the cord directly into the power source.

Another option is to run the last bit of wire under the floor mats. This will only work if you make sure that the wire is taped or otherwise secured into place. Otherwise, someone could end up getting their foot caught and tripping up in the wire.

Unfortunately, no matter which of these methods you use, there is still going to be some visible cord. There is just no avoiding it when you are installing a dash cam yourself. If you have a dual lens camera, it is even more difficult to conceal the wires. It would be wonderful if you can find a length of wire that is as long as your vehicle, but this doesn’t always happen. Usually, you get what you get, and you have to work with that. At the very least, it should always be a bit longer than what you think you need, not shorter.

Go to the Garage

If you want the job to look professional, you need to take it to a professional. If you don’t think that you can install your dash cam so it looks neat and the wires are hidden, take everything to your local garage. They will have the proper tools to get the job done so it doesn’t look like the dash cam was installed haphazardly. It may involve a small fee, but this will probably be no more than an hour of labor, since you already have the necessary parts. Other options include auto electricians, car security experts, and those who install sound systems in vehicles, as they all have experience installing and hiding wires inside vehicles.

One Last Option

There is one other option you can go with that involves no wires at all, but it can be a pain to use. If you don’t want to install a dash cam with wires, you can always use your mobile phone or a GoPro camera. These are not usually recommended, but they are better than nothing. A GoPro is designed to capture moving footage, so you will be able to record everything that is going on around you while you are driving. The only problem is, it doesn’t automatically come on and off when you start and shut down the vehicle. You have to turn it on and off manually. It is going to be the same with your mobile phone. Also, both of these devices only have so much battery time, so you are going to need to recharge the batteries a lot.


Having a dash cam can be a great thing, and most newer-model vehicles come already equipped with this piece of technology. If your car doesn’t have a built-in dash cam, you will need to install your own. While it may seem quick and easy to just hook it up and go, it is best if you hide the wires, both for safety reasons and for aesthetic purposes. If you can’t do it yourself, take it to someone who can.

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