How Much Does a Dash Cam Cost: The Different Price Ranges

How Much Does a Dash Cam Cost: The Different Price Ranges
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The price of a dash cam is going to vary depending on the brand and the features that come with it. Like the majority of every other product on the market, you have your lower-end, moderate, and high-end models, and each one has a different price point.

There isn’t a specific way to say exactly how much does a dash cam cost, but there is a way to tell the approximate price range of one. You can typically tell how much a dash cam is going to cost you by looking at the features that they come with.

Dash Cameras Under $25

It is possible to purchase a dash camera for 25 dollars, and sometimes less. These models are typically found on Amazon and frequently made in China.

You are likely to get what you pay for though, which means a dash cam that costs under $25 probably isn’t going to last the test of time. These cheaper cameras sometimes have standard 1080P, or most often, less resolution.

They usually also have loop recording, which is a fundamental feature in all dash cameras. It’s the function that automatically deletes recorded footage that isn’t locked into a file.

These less expensive models usually won’t allow you to use anything higher than a 32GB Micro SD card. The clarity can also be extremely poor, especially when filming during the night.

Dash Cameras Under $50

Everyone wants to get a good, budget dash camera, and once you step into the $50 range, you start to see higher quality dash cams that have the basic features that all dash cameras should have. Many cameras in this price range come with a smaller LCD and record video in 1080P or less.

You can also usually find features such as G-Sensor, which is a sensor that automatically detects any harsh bumps or collision and locks the recording into place. The G-Sensor feature keeps the loop recording function from deleting the important file until you can review it.

The majority of dash cameras that you buy for under $50 only support a Micro SD card up to 32GB. If you’re lucky, you can find a decent dash camera in the $50 price range that has a rotating mount, built-in GPS, and occasionally a dual lens that lets you have a front and rear view.

It’s essential to remember though that you should not expect too many features or even stellar image quality when purchasing these models. They are so cost-efficient because they are meant to provide the essential functions and nothing more.

Dash Cameras Under $100

Now that you’re starting to look at dash cameras that have a higher price tag, that’s where you begin to see optional and unique features that really help to enhance your driving experience and safety. When you’re asking how much does a dash cam cost and looking at features, remember that you usually get more with the more money you are open to spending.

Typically, cameras around the $100 mark have excellent image quality and record at full HD 1080P. These cameras also feature G-Sensor Emergency Lock which ensures your footage is locked into place and safe from loop recording.

Many of these cameras also include a six-layer optical glass lens with a wide-view and F1.8 Aperture. You can also find them with motion detection, automatic shut-off, built-in GPS, and crisp night vision. These cameras can usually support a Micro SD card that has a maximum memory of 64GB, and on the very rare occasion, 256GB.

The recording angle is something that’s very important. If you are purchasing a dash camera that is going to cost you around $100, you are better off searching for one that has a wide-angle view and allows you to see at least four lanes.

Dash Cameras Under $150

The premium dash cameras usually start in the $150 line, and that’s where you begin to see reliable, high-end features such as secure WiFi connectivity, included apps, dual-channel motion detectors, capacitor power sources, and more. Many of these cameras can connect to an included app that gives you the option of editing, configuring, sharing, and saving your video files. You can usually even watch live, and share screen captures to your social media feed.

Cameras that include a built-in supercapacitor are always a great idea. They are ideal for multiple climates, so you don’t need to worry about using them in extreme heat or cold. Along with these additional features, cameras in the $150 range also have the same essential functions such as loop recording, G-Sensor, motion detection, and more.

Dash Cameras Under $200

Dash cameras around the $200 mark mean that you’ve reached the top-of-the-line camera. They come with multiple bells and whistles that make the camera more attractive in multiple ways. In addition to having the standard features that all other dash cameras have, they usually also include everything you need to start recording right away.

Many of the less expensive cameras don’t include Micro SD cards. However, when you start getting into the pricier models, you usually receive at least a 16GB or 32GB Micro SD card to get you started.

When you start looking at these more expensive dash cams, you begin to see that many of them include larger LCDs, remote controls, lenses with a higher viewing degree, dual channels for front and rear view, and sometimes lens covers to ensure there isn’t any glare. Other additional features include voice recognition, WiFi connectivity, and ultra night vision.


We were able to provide you with a basic guideline to the cost and features of dash cams. However, the only way that your “How much does a dash cam cost?” question can get answered, is by looking around. It’s very possible that you can find a dash cam for approximately $50 that includes the same features as a top-of-the-line model.

The amount that you invest into your dash cam just depends on your personal preferences and needs, the brand, the quality of the make and design, features, and the materials used to construct the actual camera. It’s essential that you don’t just purchase the first camera that you see because it’s inexpensive. Hence, always ensure that you take note of the features, and make sure that you are getting everything that you need.

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