Does Dash Cam Work When Car Is Off

Does Dash Cam Work When Car Is Off
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Dash Cams are increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. They add an outstanding level of additional safety and security when you are out and about in your vehicle. The cameras capture not only any potential incidents and accidents that may occur, but also awesome footage. It’s not all about safety! Some of it is just about having the ability to record something impressive when you need it most so you can show your friends and family later.

Let’s not even get started on the value of a Dash Cam for potential costly insurance claims, either. A Dash Cam can quite literally save you a ton of time and money going to court if you have undeniable pictorial evidence. So we all appreciate the value of having a Dash Cam installed in your vehicle, but the question is, does dash cam work when car is off?

Accidents Can Happen

Well, that’s a great question, as accidents might very well happen when you are nowhere in the vicinity. Your car is parked on the driveway at home, or in a multi-story carpark at the shopping mall with the engine off, keys out of the ignition, and you either safely tucked in at home indoors or doing the weekly grocery shop. Picture the scene when you wake up or return later, and someone has taken a sideswipe to your precious car. Where’s that valuable Dash Cam video evidence now when you really need it?

Luckily Your Dash Cam Can Come To The Rescue

So the great news, people, is that yes, a Dash Cam should work when your car is off. The newer versions of cameras and certainly more premium ones can one hundred percent be set to record when your vehicle is off, and you are nowhere near the car. How cool is that? This effectively turns your Dash Cam into a surveillance system. Someone has hit your car in the parking lot at work, and you are fuming! You’ve literally just gotten your car back from its annual service.

The great news is that the simple act of the collision will have triggered the Dash Cam’s G-Sensors, and you will clearly be able to see the culprit of the crime. A crisp, clear, detailed picture of their license plate no less. You don’t even have to wait until you get home to view the footage on your computer, but it might be a good idea to cool yourself down first before you do get in the car and drive.

Just How Does It Work Though?

So we’ve established that a Dash Cam does work when your car is off, meaning it can provide you with even more safety and reassurance than you previously thought against vandalism and unreported incidents. Just how does all of that work though? Well of course, it will in large part come down to the specific make and model that you have purchased and, as with all things in life, you do tend to get what you pay for. In this case, generally speaking the more premium brands will come with this kind of feature-rich benefit as standard. It’s more about the power source you are using to fire up your Dash Cam, though.

Invest In An Adapter Kit

A Dash Cam can very conveniently be powered through your car’s cigarette, but this isn’t going to work when your car is switched off. To solve the problem and turn your car camera into a fully-fledged surveillance system, you could buy a kit that enables you to hard wire your Dash Cam directly into your car’s fuse box. In this instance, it now runs off the battery and not the car, so it doesn’t matter whether your car is on or not.

These adapter kits are relatively inexpensive and straightforward enough to fit. However, if you do have any concerns about handling power, then take your car and your installation kit to an expert and let them do the wiring for you.

Make Sure You Have A Built In Breaker System

Power adapters like these will also come with a breaker built in. Let’s face it, while you might be interested in putting your car under surveillance, especially if you’re parked in a less than salubrious area for a few hours, what you don’t want to happen is to come back to your car and not only has it been hit but you also now have a flat battery. Double nightmare! So the breaker system will ensure that your Dash Cam doesn’t fully discharge the battery to the extent that you can’t get your car started.

Activate your Parking Mode

As soon as you have a compatible Dash Cam hardwired into your system like this, you suddenly open up more functionality and customization. You can now go ahead and set up your Dash Cam in “Parking Mode.” What that means is that whenever your car detects a level of motion (or impact), then it will automatically begin recording.

So if someone does come up too close to your car, then the built-in advanced motion sensors will detect this change in movement and proximity, and spring into action. How ingenious is that? This mode is particularly useful for when your car is parked somewhere and, heaven forbid but it does happen all too frequently, someone crashes into you while stationary. You will have caught the perpetrator red-handed with a clear capture of their license plate.

Do your homework and invest wisely in your Dash Cam

Of course, investing in the right Dash Cam is of vital importance, but there are plenty of makes and models to suit a wide range of budgets that will do the job perfectly well. Just remember that for your Dash Cam to record in Park Mode and to act like a vehicular surveillance system, you need to have battery discharge protection to ensure that your Dash Cam doesn’t drain your battery.

Also, keep in mind that you won’t be able to run in this mode via your cigarette charger. It’s a very generic rule, and there are always exceptions, but the more cost-effective Dash Cams will stay on permanently whereas the more premium ticket ones, with that dedicated parking mode we’ve discussed, are automatically activated when motion is detected. So yes indeed, a Dash Cam can work very effectively even when your car is switched off.

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