Do You Need a Rear Dash Cam: The Benefits

Do You Need a Rear Dash Cam: The Benefits
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Many benefits come with having a rear dash cam installed in your vehicle, but regardless, fundamental questions still come up. You never know when you’re going to need a rear dash cam, and being caught in a situation that has you finding out the hard way isn’t what you want to happen. So, if you’re asking, “Do you need a rear dash cam?”, then you’re in the right place since we’ve broken down just a handful of the benefits that come with having one installed.

The Benefits of Installing a Rear Dash Camera

1. Protecting Yourself from Accidents

Quite often, it’s one word against another in insurance claims and court cases that involve car accidents. If you don’t have a rear-facing camera to prove that the accident wasn’t your fault, you have to spend your time verbally presenting your case, and that doesn’t guarantee a win.

Even with insurance, shelling out money to cover damages on someone else’s vehicle when the accident wasn’t your fault is a headache that can be avoided when you have a rear dash camera. It’s a simple, easily installed tool that can provide you with the evidence you might need.

2. Filming Back Seat Videos and Road Trips

It might seem strange, but if you go on YouTube, there are thousands of entertaining videos that all involve rear cams. Whether you want to document your family road trip and film the scenery as you drive through an area that’s full of wildlife and mountains, or you want to give your young children a platform to sing to their favorite songs on film, rear dash cams can provide that.

3. Saving Money

When you sit down with your insurance company, the “Do you need a rear dash cam?” question might come up. The fact is that many insurance companies actually offer their clients either discounts in their insurance premiums or purchasing of the dash cam itself.

The reason is that having a dash cam can save them a lot of money in the future. If you find yourself in an accident that involves the rear end of your vehicle, you have the concrete proof to show that it isn’t your fault.

4. Preventing Insurance Fraud

It’s true that up to this day, many people want to think the best in others, and it’s a good concept to live by. However, there are plenty of circumstances where people are going to put themselves in a position that allows them to take advantage of you: insurance fraud being one of them.

Many accidents that involve pedestrians go undetected because insurance pays to make the problem “disappear.” That happens because unless there’s proof, 95% of the time, the blame gets directed to the driver, regardless of the situation. There are times when pedestrians purposely try to get into an accident to reap the benefits that come with the insurance pay-offs, so if you have a rear dash cam, you can protect yourself, your insurance, as well as your driving reputation by proving that you didn’t do anything.

5. Monitoring Your Child’s Driving

Once your child hits the legal age of driving, it can be unnerving, especially once they’re able to drive by themselves during certain hours. While it’s great to trust that the information and guidelines your kid has learned stuck with them, you never honestly know what they’re doing when you’re not there.

Having a rear dash cam enables you to breathe a little easier since you get the opportunity of seeing how your new driver is driving while you aren’t around. Are they following the rules? Are they keeping in line with speed limits? Have they gotten into an accident but kept it from you?

There is a seemingly a never-ending list of questions that come with new drivers, and a rear dash cam can help answer a lot of them.

6. Avoiding Wrongful Tickets

The majority of individuals with driver’s licenses have received a ticket at one point, and the feeling can be infuriating. That feeling only intensifies when you know that it’s an unwarranted ticket.

Everyone likes to believe that the authorities are there for your protection, and they are, but there are still plenty of cases where you get a ticket when you shouldn’t. Even if you appeal the ticket in court, most instances prove that the court sides with the issuing officer. If you have a rear dash cam, it can help show your innocence in specific traffic and ticket violations.

7. Safety in Parking Garages and Lots

Parking garages and lots are a hot zone for unreported accidents, vandalism, and break-ins on cars. Most of the time, you simply park your car in your allotted space to go to work for the day without you knowing that such might end up being a nightmare. You might find your previously perfect car marked up at the rear or vandalized in a way that you never expected.

When you have that rear dash camera running even while your vehicle is parked and turned off, you can save a lot of money. It once again can help you show and prove that the accident was not your fault, and it gives you the opportunity of capturing the face of the person who vandalized your vehicle. That can help you as far as laying charges goes.

8. Improving Your Driving Skills

Purchasing a rear dash cam is relatively affordable and installing it is easy. It’s beneficial since it gives you the chance to review your driving and improve. Everyone can improve on things, even if they believe they are the best. Your rear dash camera is a tool that’s used to help you see what you do in difficult situations, and it can also help you become aware of any road rage that you, as a driver, might have yourself.


The above reasons are just a few benefits that come with having a rear dash cam installed in your vehicle. If you ever experience a situation that might end up costing you and your insurance a lot of money, you’re going to find out just how beneficial they are. They are affordable, discreet, easy to install and highly sufficient safety measures. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, right?

With all those in mind, we’d say “Yes.” to the question “Do you need a rear dash cam?”. It’s a small investment that’s going to pay multiples if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need the proof from that camera.

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