Denicer Dash Cam Review

Denicer Dash Cam Review
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With an aesthetic that is similar to your idea of an advanced digital camera, the Denicer Dash Cam is easy to install so that you can capture activity surrounding your vehicle with ease. It also offers a slew of interesting features that you wouldn’t normally find in other dashcams on the market, such as a luxurious metal body that is constructed to withstand years of use and damage.

Denicer Dash Cam

Denicer Dash Cam Front and Rear Sony Sensor Full HD 1080P Car Dashboard Video Driving Recorder 170 Degree Wide Angle Camera with Metal Shell, WDR, G-Sensor, Loop Recording.

The main purpose behind the Denicer Dash Cam is to make sure that you’re able to capture activity happening around your vehicle while you’re on the road. No matter if you want something to help capture accidents or if you simply want to capture videos of road trips for your memories, the options are endless.

The entire unit is designed to make it easier to protect yourself in the event of a collision so that you won’t have to rely on he-said and she-said situations while dealing with insurance companies. Also, it gives you the ability to feel more comfortable if someone else drives your car, as you’ll be able to have recorded information about how they were driving or if they encountered any situations that damaged your vehicle.

It’s not often that people realize dashcams can also be an excellent deterrent for thieves and other criminals as they will be far less likely to prey on your vehicle if they see that you have a camera installed that is recording their every move.

Who Is This Dash Cam Meant For?

It’s quite obvious to see that dashcams are recommended for drivers, but the Denicer Dash Cam is so versatile that you can use it in a wide variety of different vehicles including your family car, your personal motorcycle, or even a large transport truck.

As the Denicer Dash Cam is simple in terms of accessing its different functions, absolutely everyone in your family will be able to keep track of their driving skills and any accidents, in case that they happen. You don’t need to know a lot about technology in order to reap the benefits of this dashcam, which makes it perfect for teens and elderly drivers alike.

Unboxing the Denicer Dash Cam

When you unbox the Denicer Dash Cam, you’ll immediately realize that it comes with almost everything that you need to use it right out of the box. First, it has a built-in battery that is used for emergency recording in the event of lost power. You will then be able to use the 3M mount and suction cup for front and rear mounting. It also comes with a USB car charger and a warranty card.

Denicer Dash Cam Front and Rear Sony Sensor Full HD 1080P Car Dashboard Video Driving Recorder 170 Degree Wide Angle Camera with Metal Shell, WDR, G-Sensor, Loop Recording.
  • FRONT & REAR DUAL RECORDING DASH CAMERA: Excellent 170 degree 1080p/30fps front camera with VGA waterproof rear cam. Simultaneously show front and rear driving states.
  • WDR technology and direct playback: WDR technology can automatically adjust exposure, providing a better view in a dark environment. Viewing file directly on this device.
  • Extra USB port for the car charger and luxury metal design: An extra USB port to charge your phone make your drive hassle free. Metal shell body avoids easy scratches..
  • G-sensor: Built-in Parking Monitor and G-sensor will automatically turn on the camera to record when there is an unusual movement around or in your car. For instance, the camera will catch the scene if someone tries to open the car doors, or hit or kick your car. Files thus recorded will be automatically locked and not to be erased in loop recording.
  • 【Accessories & Warranty】Included in our package are--an extra USB port car charger, a 3M mount and a suction cup mount. We also provide 12 months warranty on parts. Our qualified customer service team serves you 7/24. Note: It is recommended that you use a Micro SD card class 10 no more than 32GB (NOT included).

Overview of Features

As you can tell, there are plenty of interesting features integrated into the Denicer Dash Cam, including:

  • Dual-camera recording: When you purchase the Denicer Dash Cam, you’ll not only receive a front camera but a rear camera as well. Unfortunately, the rear camera is not compatible with most minivans which is important to take note of before making your purchase.
  • Wide-angle HD recording: All the images and videos captured by your new dashcam will be in 1080p 30fps at a 170 degrees angle, giving you more than enough data about surrounding movement.
  • Immediate playback: Instead of having to upload the media to another device, you’ll be able to immediately replay the recorded information directly from the main unit of the Denicer Dash Cam.
  • Extra USB port included: You’ll easily be able to charge your new dashcam and any other USB-enabled devices with the help of the dual-USB charger included with your order.
  • Built-in G-sensor: The built-in G-sensor is ideal for making sure that the camera automatically starts recording in the event of an accident. The interesting part of this feature is that it will not overwrite existing information and instead continually record.
  • Parking monitor: If you’re concerned about activity around your vehicle while it is parked, the internal battery will automatically power the Denicer Dash Cam on if there is any movement around your vehicle while it is parked.
  • Luxurious metal housing: Instead of relying on a dashcam that is constructed out of poorly made materials, such as plastic, the Denicer Dash Cam comes with a full metal housing. This not only gives it a more stylish and sleek appearance, but it also helps to protect the dashcam from common everyday scratches, preserving its sleek appearance over years of regular use.

How to Use the Denicer Dash Cam

Using the Denicer Dash Cam would not be difficult if you have used dashcams before, but if you are a beginner, you might encounter some problems. Whether you are experienced or not, this video can help:


If you are looking for a more advanced dashcam than the Denicer Dash Cam, there is one dash cam that you might want to take into consideration, and that is the YI 2.7” Full HD Dash Cam because of a single feature that you’ll find to be quite useful.

The YI Dash Cam comes equipped with an ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) which will easily become your most used feature. The ADAS gives you real-time information about traffic conditions in the lanes surrounding your vehicle and will display real-time alerts when you’re ready to leave your current lane. It also provides you with collision warnings in front of your vehicle, which is a feature that the Denicer Dash Cam does not offer.

Nonetheless, both dashcams are equipped with parking monitors, wide-angle video capturing, and high-quality video recording.


For drivers who are searching for a high-quality dashcam that offers plenty of features can be used on a daily basis, the Denicer Dash Cam is a fantastic option. It’s available at a reasonable price, but it performs better than other models around the same price point.

With the integration of its dual-camera recording, wide-angle HD videos, and the ability to immediately playback recorded media, you’ll always be covered in the event of an accident. Also, you’ll appreciate having access to the dual-USB charger that allows you to keep both the camera and your smartphone at their fullest battery while you’re on the road.


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