DDPai mini2 Wi-Fi Dash Cam Review

DDPai mini2 Wi-Fi Dash Cam Review
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In our fast-paced world full of life-threatening driving and on-road accidents, it can be frightening to head out onto the road without some extra security. That is why many drivers are turning to the records created by in-car dash cams.

These small cameras keep track of what goes on around you so that you can have more peace of mind. One of these great, small dash cams is the DDPai mini2 Dash Cam. Let’s take a closer look at it to understand what it can do for you and your driving journey.

DDPai mini2 Wi-Fi Dash Cam

DDPai Mini2 Wi-Fi Dash Cam 1440P 2K Car Camera, Built-in Supercapacitor, G-Sensor, Snapshot Button, Night Vision, WDR, 140° Wide Angle, Loop Recording, Parking Monitor

The DDPai mini2 is the second miniature sized dash cam released by DDPai that uses WiFi technology to allow controls to be sent from your phone to the camera. This has stronger reliability and better technology than the first edition.

Who Is this Dash Cam For?

This dash cam is perfect for anyone who wants to have footage every time they are monitoring their car and the area, whether they are driving or their car is parked, with the ease of being able to simply and accurately control the camera directly from an app on their phone.

DDPai Mini2 Wi-Fi Dash Cam 1440P 2K Car Camera, Built-in Supercapacitor, G-Sensor, Snapshot Button, Night Vision, WDR, 140° Wide Angle, Loop Recording, Parking Monitor
  • 【High Reliability】: Wide working temperature range from -13°F to 185°F (-25°C to 85°C) benefited from removing 2 temperature-sensitive components: 1), LCD screen; 2), Li battery replaced by Supercapacitor, Consequently: 1), Low failure rate; 2), Longer lifespan; 3), Quite suitable for 24H parking monitor; Camera itself is real set and forget;
  • 【Clear Image】: Ultra HD 1440P@25FPS & 1080P@30FPS/H.264 main processor; Omnivision OV4689 4 megapixel CMOS image sensor; 6-G lens with 1 infrared filter; F1.8 large aperture captures 20% more light than F2.0; Real & scientific 140° angle is wide enough to cover 4 lanes and simultaneously slight image distortion;
  • 【Easy Operation】: APP-controlled operating interface is much more user-friendly and intuitive than traditional physical button controlled cameras; You never know how to operate a trational camera if you don't read its user manual carefully; But you can easily understand and operate our camera after even serveral minutes' self-learning;
  • 【Powerful Functions】: Super Night Vision by WDR technology; Loop Recording by default; G-sensor ( sensitivity adjustable ) for auto detection & collison latch; Time Lapse 1FPS recording for parking mode can significantly covers much longer recording time ; Remote snapshot button captures picture/10S video conveniently;
  • 【Buy with Confidence】: CE & RoHS & Fcc; Dual USB car charger included; Works with both 12V and 24V vehicles; Supports TF card from 1GB to 128GB ( NOT included; Recommend Samsung/Kingston; NOT recommend SanDisk ); Constantly evolved product by cloud upgrading; 12-month warranty; Messages must be replied within 24-hour.

What’s Included in the Package?

This dash cam comes with the following:

  • Mini2 camera
  • Sticker
  • Remote control button
  • Plastic buckle and crowbar for installation
  • Car adapter
  • Charging cable
  • Instruction booklet

Overview of Features

  • Mobile Application

As a WiFi-based device, the main feature of this dash cam is the way that the app can be used to interact with the camera. Once you connect the dash cam to your phone, there is a multitude of options that you can use to change the way the camera records, how long it records, and how to review the various clips that you have already saved.

You can even make edits to the videos within the app itself, which is something that most dash cam apps do not have. All you need to do is choose the video, trim it, and then save and export it. You can even send it directly to SMS or social media.

  • Instruction Manual

While the instruction manual makes it easy to learn how to install the app, connect it to your phone, and even mount it on your car, it does not really give the most thorough description of how to use some of the more advanced features of this dash cam.

Although many of these features can be figured out by simply trying the camera out and looking through the app, it would save you time if the manual did a better job of explaining how to use these features.

Regardless of how lacking the DDpai manual might be, the dash cam is still outfitted with many useful features that are worth learning and understanding. They are the following:

  1. Guard mode
  2. 10-second record mode on app
  3. Clip-download functionality from camera to app
  4. Parking mode
  5. Photo mode on app
  • Connectivity and Charging

This dash cam is not equipped with GPS or Bluetooth. It simply uses WiFi to connect to your phone, and the included dual USB charger has both a 1.0 amp and 2.1 amp slot. It’s best to plug the camera into the 2.1 amp slot to ensure that the camera stays charged and on when in use.

  • Recording Quality

The dash cam has a very good quality, but the night vision is somewhat lacking if recording night driving is your primary purpose. Additionally, there is a microphone that can record sound options. Since the mic is internal to the camera, it is relatively muffled and doesn’t give the best sound, but still, recording sound is easy to activate.

The colors on the recordings are nice, and it is possible to read many license plates if they are close. However, the camera has a relatively low FPS, which means that it isn’t always as clear and crisp as you might want. For the price though, it is a sensible choice for those who don’t need a crystal-clear video.

How to Use the DDPai mini2?

Thankfully, setting up this dash cam is relatively easy, and there is an exhaustive instruction manual included that make it easy to install the camera in your car.

Since this camera has an app to control most of the settings, all you need to do to actually start recording is look at the app. Through the various app menus, you will find that it is easy to adjust many aspects of the recordings such as quality, size, length, volume, sensors (auto on or off based on car movement), night mode, and parking mode. With all this variation, it’s relatively easy to make sure that you get the recording that you are hoping to get.

For an up-close look at the DDPai mini2’s packaging, accessories, and the basics of using the dash cam here is a helpful video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVALh-rHxrw

As you can see, this camera is really made by how great the app is since it gives you a lot of additional control and versatility that you might not find in other dash cams that do not use a separate app for control.


Some people who prefer to use a camera that connects via Bluetooth rather than WiFi due to their personal technology preferences.

If you prefer using Bluetooth, trying out the DUDUGO C1 Dash Cam might be better suited to your needs. This camera relies on an in-car 3.0-inch screen DVR to review footage rather than an app but still has the capability to connect over Bluetooth instead of WiFi. So, if you’re a true Bluetooth fan, this is a good alternative to the DDPai mini2.


The DDpai mini2 is a high-quality dash cam that can capture clear footage in a variety of situations. It offers a lot of versatility and control through the phone app, which can easily be connected to your dash cam. Those who are seeking an easy-to-control yet versatile dash cam will surely find the DDpai mini2 to be a great option.

Regardless of what type of dash cam you decide to purchase, the key is that you can capture drives and incidents around you with clear precision. Choose whichever camera will allow you that ability, but we definitely think the DDpai mini2 is one such camera.


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