Best Dash Cam for Rideshare Drivers

Best Dash Cam for Rideshare Drivers
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Using dash cameras in your car is more beneficial than you realize, especially when it comes to rideshare drivers. When you participate in a ridesharing business, you open yourself up to more potentially dangerous situations than regular drivers. You never know who you’re going to meet, and you never know what their intentions are.

Taking that into consideration along with accidents that might happen in front of you, finding the best dash cam for rideshare drivers is highly essential. As such, we reviewed three dash cameras to help you choose a model that can assist with ensuring your safety.

Dash Cam Reviews

1. Thinkware F800R Front and Rear-View Dash Camera

The Thinkware brand specializes in designing high-quality, highly innovative front and rear view dash cameras that protect their customers from any situations they encounter on the road. They’ve made it their mission to produce dashboard cameras that they, as drivers, want to use. Their technology-driven products are designed to put your mind at ease so that you can enjoy your driving experience.

THINKWARE Rear View Camera for F800/F800 PRO Dash Cam (TWA-F800R) | 1080p Sony Starvis | Connecting Cable Included | 2-Channel | Dual Channel | Front and Rear | | Uber Lyft Car Taxi Rideshare


The Thinkware F800R is the ideal camera for rideshare drivers. It can be used as a dashboard camera or a rearview camera. When used as a rear view, it is compatible with the Thinkware F800 and F800Pro Dash Camera.

The Sony Starvis CMOS Sensor technology provides a 1080P full HD image, while also offering a clear view in low lighting. It also features a wide-view lens with a 140-degree viewing angle, making it possible to record the majority of the road.

The F800R can switch into the parking mode feature, which turns the camera on when motion is detected. It does need to be paired with a Thinkware hardwired unit for this option. It comes with a 24.6-foot-long connecting cable, and 3M adhesive tape to ensure quick and easy installation.


  • Dual channel
  • Compatible with other Thinkware dash cameras
  • Clear images
  • Can be used while driving or when the car is parked


  • Motion and impact detection needs to be paired with an additional hardwired unit for simultaneous front and rearview records
  • Not too good sound quality


2. Vantrue T1 Wi-Fi Super Capacitor Dash Cam

Vantrue uses innovation and quality to ensure that their cameras are reliable enough to get considered for the best dash cam for rideshare drivers. They have state-of-the-art production facilities where they consistently monitor all manufacturing processes to make sure they meet their meticulous standards. They offer a wide range of dash cameras, along with dash camera accessories that can help make your driving experience better and safer to put your mind at ease.

VANTRUE T1 GPS WiFi Super Capacitor Dash Cam Super HD 2K 2304X1296P, 1920X1080P HDR 170° Car Camera Dash Camera w/ADAS, Night Vision, 24Hs Parking Mode, Amba A12, Motion Detection, Support 256GB Max


The Vantrue T1 Wi-Fi Super Capacitor Dash Camera has a 170-degree, wide-angle lens that allows your camera to record up to four lanes of traffic. It uses a highly advanced, OV4689 sensor and chip to ensure there is enough clarity to get license plates as well as road signs in 1080P HDR quality.

The built-in Wi-Fi lets you connect to the Vantrue app from an iOS or Android device, and provides you with the option of editing and sharing videos, posting snapshots to social media, live viewing, and much more. The built-in super capacitor ensures that your dash cam can run seamlessly regardless of the climate that you live in.

Vantrue also included high dynamic range technology to provide highly detailed videos in the night, and it comes with a 24-hour parking mode. If it detects no motion in five minutes, the mode is automatically turned on, and your camera will start to record when motion is detected.

There is constant loop recording to save space on your Micro SD chip, so it eliminates video segments that aren’t needed. The G-sensor technology automatically detects any sudden shakes or collision and locks the video into an event file that can’t be overwritten.

As if the camera can’t get any better, it also features built-in GPS and an Advanced Driver Assistant System. The system provides you with helpful warnings that can protect you from accidents.


  • Can take snapshots or emergency videos by clicking the remote button
  • High-quality images
  • Suitable for all climates


  • 24-hour parking mode needs a micro hardwire kit or an external battery
  • Camera rotation requires some work
  • Remote is small and easy to lose


3. Emmabin Dual Channel Dash Cam

Emmabin is an e-commerce brand that sells their full range of products through the Amazon platform. They specialize in electronics but also manufacture and sell household goods, auto parts, and more. We chose to review the Emmabin Dual Channel Dash Cam because it’s suitable for both front and rear view.

Emmabin Dual Car Dash Cam 2.3' TFT HD 1080P 170°Degree Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder with G-Sensor,WDR,Loop Recording,Super Night Vision Front and Rear Car Dash Camera


The Emmabin Dual Channel Dash Cam provides full HD 1080P video quality that can capture license plates and road signs regardless of the time of the day. It automatically adjusts the quality of the video to keep up with various conditions and has a wide angle, 120-degree lens. The G-Sensor automatically picks up on any collisions or sudden bumps, causing the video to get locked on your memory card so that the loop recording feature won’t delete it.


  • Adjustable small lens with large, colored LCD
  • Easy to mount and install
  • Compatible with Micro SD card up to 128GB


  • Some settings aren’t properly explained in the user’s manual
  • When used as a rear camera, night recordings are slightly dark
  • Can’t withstand very hot and freezing climates



After thoroughly testing out and reviewing the three dash cams and looking at every feature and video meticulously, we came to our conclusion. Dash cams are an essential safety feature when driving, so we wanted to ensure that our selection was one that is going to perform at the highest quality to enhance your experience and safety.

Our choice for the best dash cam for rideshare drivers is the Vantrue T1 Wi-Fi Super Capacitor Dash Cam. There are very minimal cons with the Vantrue Dash Cam, and the ones that are there, are so minimal that they barely matter. The camera is impressively affordable for all of the features that it comes with, not to mention it has a modern design that looks unlike any other.

If you’re looking for a dash cam that’s going to do and perform exactly as it says, we highly suggest looking into purchasing the Vantrue T1 Wi-Fi Super Capacitor Dash Cam. If anything does go wrong, you can take advantage of the full 18-month warranty that Vantrue offers.

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