Best Budget Dash Cams for Your Safety

Best Budget Dash Cams for Your Safety
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Dash cameras have become extremely popular in America over the last decade, but not everyone wants to spend hundreds of dollars on what they think is the best model on the market. So, how do you find the best budget dash cam without sacrificing quality and features?

We’ve looked at three different dash camera models to identify their functions, pros, and cons. Understanding the benefits of dash cameras and the features that come in the budget models can lead you to make a smarter purchasing decision.

Best Budget Dash Cam Reviews

1. Crosstour Front and Rear Dual Lens Dash Cam

The Crosstour brand is known for their dash cams and action cameras. They work hard to provide their customers with modern technology in high-quality products without having to sacrifice cost.

They take the suggestions of their customers seriously and use them to not only help shape their business but also to help improve their products. Their mission is to meet the expectations of their consumers and provide them with consistent, reliable, and friendly support.

Both 1080P FHD Front and Rear Dual Lens Dash Cam in Car Camera Recorder Crosstour External GPS HDR Both 170°Wide Angel Sony Sensor Motion Detection G-sensor Loop Recording


The Crosstour Front and Rear Dual Lens Dash Cam work alongside the notorious Sony Sensor technology and a six-glass, 170-degree, wide-angle lens to provide optimal image quality at 1080P full HD. The lens can cover up to six lanes.

It includes the Novatek Chip that enhances the performance of recording, resolution, frames, and more. In fact, the Novatek Chip is reportedly more reliable and functional than the Ambarella, especially when it comes to night recordings.

This camera includes two different lenses that help to ensure your safety all around. It doesn’t just capture any potentially dangerous situations that happen in the front of your vehicle, but also the rear. The front and rear cameras both take on F1.8 apertures and HDR (high dynamic range) to allow more light to come in and adjust imaging according to surrounding light.

The camera also features the emergency locking G-Sensor technology that ensures loop recording doesn’t delete an important video that has been taken after a collision or incident. There is also a three-inch HD LCD that enhances your viewing experience.


  • Crisp and clear screen
  • Includes sturdy adhesive tape for installation
  • Easy installation and set-up


  • The video lock button is out of reach.
  • Glare-like effects in the recorded videos, especially night recordings
  • Sensitive to extreme temperatures or weather conditions


2. Toguard Seven-Inch Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam

Toguard Electronics Co. specializes in a variety of electronic equipment that ranges from dash cams to audio recorders, portable digital videos, and more. They work closely with manufacturers and distributors in Europe to ensure quality control and monitor the proper training of staff.

Toguard’s mission statement focuses on design, quality, price, and service. They work diligently to ensure that they provide top-quality products without having to sacrifice the cost to their consumers. They also listen to customer feedback and take it into great consideration to further their brand.

We chose to review the Toguard Seven-inch Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam to add some variety to our reviews.

TOGUARD Backup Camera 7' Mirror Dash Cam Touch Screen 1080P Rearview Front and Rear Dual Lens with Waterproof Reversing Camera


The stunning seven-inch IPS touchscreen provides recording at 1080P full HD in the front view, while simultaneously recording at 480P in the waterproof rear view camera. The touchscreen offers you a full view that’s unlike many other dash cams, all while ensuring that your footage is captured regardless of the time of day.

Not only does the mirror dash cam install easily with rubber straps, but it includes a broad variety of features that make the Toguard Seven-Inch Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam more desirable. G-Sensor technology ensures that your camera starts to record when it picks up on any movement or collision, and ensures that the footage of the incident is auto-locked in a file.

When running on a built-in battery, the parking monitor powers on automatically when motion is detected and records for 30 seconds. It also includes a five-piece viewing mode and a reversing camera kit that helps with parking by turning the camera into a full-screen mode and guiding your parking with distinct lines. It can also be reverted to a mirror with the simple touch of a button.


  • Elegant and appealing design
  • Easy to install over the rearview mirror
  • Includes double adhesive tape along with an 18-foot cable and 11-foot car charger


  • No GPS function
  • Doesn’t include a hardwire kit
  • Front DVR camera can swivel, but it doesn’t rotate


3. Peztio Full HD 1080P Dash Cam

Peztio is an e-commerce brand that primarily specializes in manufacturing and selling dash cams and the accessories that go with them. The majority of their products are sold through their Amazon platform, making it easier for them to communicate with their customers and ensure fast shipping. All of their products are designed by engineers who use updated technology.

We chose this specific model to review because it is one of their most rated dash cams. Have they built the best budget dash cam?

Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear, 1080p HD Car DVR Dashboard Camera Recorder with Night Vision, 4 inch IPS Touch Screen, 170 Super Wide Angle, G Sensor, Parking Monitor, Motion Detection, WDR


The large, four-inch touchscreen that is included with the dash cam is a key selling point. The image is crisp and clear with full HD 1080P quality.

The camera can function as a front and rear view cam because of the dual channels which only adds to the driver’s convenience. The front camera features a 170-degree, wide-angle lens that captures approximately four lanes and the rear camera is a 130-degree waterproof lens.

Featured in the Peztio Full HD 1080P Dash Cam is WDR technology that works alongside a large LED light and F1.8 apertures to get color-accurate and bright images, regardless of lighting. It also features a G-Sensor lock to ensure that the loop recording feature doesn’t delete recordings obtained during an incident or collision. The 24-hour parking feature is activated when using an internal battery and automatically starts the recording process when motion is detected.


  • Includes 12-month warranty with 24-hour after-sale service
  • Clear images with accurate colors
  • Natural night vision views


  • Susceptible to extreme heat and cold
  • Doesn’t include Micro SD card
  • Short battery life



Testing out all three of these dash cams was a fun and interesting experience. We were able to see how models in a moderate and budget-friendly price range worked in comparison to higher end dash cams, and we were pleasantly surprised. After comparing all of the features and looking at the video clarity during both night and day, we were able to choose our final pick.

We concluded that the best amongst the budget dash cams above is the Toguard Seven-Inch Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam. Not only does it include all of the features that higher-end models have for a fraction of the price, but it also performs just as well. The pleasing appearance is eye-catching, and the colors on the touchscreen are accurate.

With all of the features that Toguard incorporated into the Toguard Seven-inch Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam, it’s one that we highly suggest. You even get to save more money because it acts as a rear-view camera as well. Now that you know what you can get, you don’t have to worry about dishing out the dollars to spend on a novelty dash cam that helps keep you, your family, and your friends safe.

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