Are Dash Cams Worth It: Five Reasons to Say “Yes!”

Are Dash Cams Worth It: Five Reasons to Say “Yes!”
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There are hundreds of new technological inventions released every month, and it can be hard to determine what is an unnecessary luxury and what will actually improve the state of your life.

Dash cams, for instance, can seem like a bonus only for the rich or for those who live in very crowded cities, but are dash cams worth it? The simple, easy, and clear answer is yes, but not everyone will see the benefits of dash cams immediately. Hence, below are top five reasons why dash cams are worth investing in.

Why Dash Cams Worth It

#1 Car Crash Footage

Nobody likes to believe that they could be in a car accident, but it’s a simple fact that you would never know what might happen while you are out on the road. You can only be responsible for your behavior, and you never know when another driver might lose control of their car.

If that happens, having a dash cam is a great way to have a record of exactly what happened. This type of evidence may be necessary to settle insurance claims or lawsuits in more extreme cases, and you’ll be thankful to have dash cam footage should you be involved in a serious accident.

Additionally, there are cases where some drivers try to cause an accident that they will not be blamed for. This is called accident fraud, and it happens all too frequently.

If you have a dash cam running when someone tries to pin an accident on you, you may be able to show that the accident was not your fault. This will prevent insurance companies or the local police from ruling against you, which can save you a lot of money in the long term.

#2 Reporting Recklessness

The most frustrating thing about driving is being involved in reckless driving incidents. From road rage to drunk driving to drivers who pay more attention to their phones than the road, these types of reckless behavior cause almost-accidents every single day, but there is often no way to provide evidence that these incidents occurred.

If you have a dash cam installed, you can use the footage from the cam to report the road rage incident or another similar incident to the police. While they still might not be able to fully pursue the case, having the footage will protect you should an incident ever escalate, and it may help the police to catch repeat offenders.

#3 Monitor Your Parked Car

While having your car parked in a parking spot can feel like a secure place, parking lots are actually one of the places where most crimes occur. From vandalism to theft to hit-and-run incidents, all of these things can happen to your car while you are not even inside of it!

Often, when this type of incident occurs, there is no way to find the perpetrator due to a lack of security cameras. That’s where the dash cams come in.

If you have a dash cam installed in the front and/or rear of your car, that dash cam may be able to record the incident. Many dash cams have a parking guard mode which will activate if there is movement around your car. The cam could then record any incidents that happen, and this could help you find the perpetrator should your car be damaged.

#4 Guidance

Having a dash cam installed in the vehicles that you or your family are driving is a great way to ensure that everyone is receiving the right guidance.

  • Worried Parents

Many parents might be worried about their children who are new drivers. By having a dash cam in the car, parents can review how the child drove, where they went, and ensure that they are practicing good driving habits.

  • Driving Instructors

Similarly, dash cams can be used by driving instructors to ensure that their students are practicing properly. If they make a major mistake during a lesson, the video can be extracted and sent to the student so that they can carefully review the mistake and learn from it.

  • GPS

Finally, many dash cams can offer GPS-guidance. The more advanced dash cams that are outfitted with GPS also have map features, so you can use a single system to both record your drive and make sure that you get to your destination.

#5 Surprises and History

This reason for owning a dash cam is the least practical and most fun, but that doesn’t make it any less of a reason to invest in a dash cam. 

First, it can be really fun to record the paths you took, whether you’re traveling scenic highways on a road trip or just going to work, having the ability to save footage of these journeys can be a great type of memorabilia. Someday, you may even want to show these videos to friends or family members to let them watch how exciting a certain journey can be or to simply let them in on a bit of your everyday life.

Another reason to record with a dash cam is that you never know what is going to happen when you’re on the road! Haven’t we all seen strange things along the road? From deer that zig-zag across the road to cars that flip just feet away from us, having a record of these incidents can surely wow you and everyone whom you show it.

Without a dash cam, you wouldn’t be able to show anyone the footage of these crazy occurrences, and that would be a shame. Sure, having footage isn’t an absolute necessity, but the roads can get hilariously crazy, and sometimes it’s fun to step back and watch some of that action!


Regardless of where you drive or what type of car you have, using a dash cam to record incidents that may surprise you on the road are a sure way to give you additional security. So, answering the question are dash cams worth it with a yes is justifiable.

The key is to remember that you don’t have to buy the fanciest dash cam out there. Just think about your needs and what benefits you could get from a dash cam, and choose a cam in line with your budget that meets those needs.

Dash cams are a smart way to protect one of the biggest investments we make in our lives: our cars. Protect yours with a dash cam today.

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